Cinematic: “Safe Haven”

Varok Saurfang realizes that that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.


  1. Dafuq happen to Shrek?

  2. Good going Lich Queen. Thrall was fine farming off in Outland, then you just had to try to kill him.

  3. Thunder Lordaeron

    Those Shamans destroyed his Doomhammer!!!! XD

  4. مين هون عربي يدخل قناتي

  5. that green guy need some chap stick

  6. They look like hulk

  7. Laughing Buddha

    Thrall please save our Universe!!

  8. badassoverlordzetta

    Varok’s grin as Thrall retrieves his weapon really sells this scene, the dialogue and the fighting is all nothing amazing from Blizz, but being able to convey atypical emotions from a character with subtle facial expressions displays mastery.

  9. Richard Hutchinson

    Awesome video!

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