Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2022 Week 2 Highlights

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  1. 10:06 idk if this is a flex being able to hit the scoreboard
    Or the fact his aim was slight off lol

  2. this is gonna be a long season for cincinatti

  3. 😆 Cowboys celebrated like they won a playoff foh

  4. What an impressive run from the Browns they gave it everything they had well done!

  5. Roberto C. Dominguez

    Si le faltaba algo a Burrow para recuperar confianza tras el mal partido de la primera jornada era tener a la jauría de Parsons enfrente en el segundo xD

  6. It seems to me like Joe Burrow is showing early symptoms of David Carr Syndrome “DCS”

  7. Neverbeenplayedwith

    That was a clear push off on Diggs and they didn’t call it 😂😂

  8. I’m calling it now, The Bangles are going to have the worst Super Bowl slump you have ever seen

  9. Only thing worse than the Cowboys winning when they’re supposed to is when they win when they aren’t. Impressive game all around for the evil empire.

  10. Are they just not gonna blocc for zeke????

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