Chris Rock Fires Back At Will And Jada Pinkett Smith | The View


  1. Will Smith will be going to therapy again after this…. LOL

  2. It Was hilarious 😂

  3. look at the white people in the table body reaction hahahahaa they don’t get comedy

  4. Came here for the garbage takes…(pulls out popcorn)

  5. We need to be more intentional with our language. There is no personal ‘truth.’ There is what happened and then how each participant was impacted by the experience. No one has a personal ‘truth.’

  6. STFU. Chris Rock rules

  7. Darrell Burnett

    ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’. And Chris’s ice-cold revenge dish served up to Will and Jada was absolutely delicious.

  8. The view is sexist sexism racist racism disgusting disrespectful

  9. Why is there no black and Asian and most importantly white straight men on this show

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