Chris Rock addresses notorious Will Smith slap

Chris Rock performed a livestreamed Netflix stand-up special, wherein he addressed the notorious slap by Will Smith at long last year’s Oscars.

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  1. Love him . He’s funny and smart .he’s the best .

  2. James Robertson

    The world can get along just fine without Will Smith.

  3. I seen him back in September here in Philly. He got him good there too. Stand with him any way he wants to go about it. ✊

  4. Battle Breaker Guides

    Who actually cares about this

  5. “It is better to remain silent and thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” I was impressed when I thought Rock was taking the high road. I was painfully wrong. Sad.

  6. I love Chris rock humor lol!


    He let it all out in San Jose two or three months ago with Dave Chappelle I was there

  8. Love Chris Rock.

  9. I think he did a great Job and that’s what he should’ve done

  10. The smith family is an example of Hollywood entitlement.

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