Chris Makes Molten Caramel Cake | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Join Chris Morocco in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as he makes molten caramel cake. Everyone has heard of molten chocolate cake, so we thought we would try to create a caramel edition, with a toffee-ish tender cake encasing a runny dulce de leche center.

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Chris Makes Molten Caramel Cake | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  1. When is Gabs gonna make videos about argentinian food (or wherever she’s from) in spanish?

  2. Is Claire off today?

  3. Last 10 B.A videos: 5x claire, 2x brad, 2x chris and 1x molly.

    Since brad had it’s own series, i’d say: chris you are surely a good cook but please, for B.A.’s own sake, stick to not doing such videos. People prefer your recipes to your personality on cam. You’re a very good extra in other people’s episodes tho.

  4. what kind of toppings would be good on this? fresh fruit? whipped or ice cream?

  5. All tempering aside, that cake looks so delicious

  6. Are his fingers stained or is his liver failing?


  8. Alexander Barrett

    I would like a show from Chris called “Development Agita,” where we see his process from thought to notebook to composed dish. I wanna feel the agita, y’all.

  9. why do i feel like it needed more caramel and the dollops shouldve been frozen solid

  10. Swetha Jayasinghe

    I want a tempered cake video

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