Chris Broussard says he’d trade Lonzo for Beal ‘in a heartbeat,’ talks Lakers mess | NBA | THE HERD

Chris Broussard is persuaded Bradley Beal would be perfect for the Los Angeles Lakers. Hear why he supports the potential trade for Lonzo Ball and supposes Jeanie Buss should ‘tidy up’ the front office mess.

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  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Do you think Bradley Beal would be perfect for the Lakers?

    • Lakers Will Rise

      +James Jackson Luke has been horrible with rookie guards. He did the same to DLO in the 2 years he was with the Lakers that’s why everyone was calling Dlo a bust for a 2nd pick and it looks like the Lakers are repeating it again. Zo is the Laker that impacts wins. He’s like a Draymond but has only been in the league 2 years and really a little over 1 full year.

    • Lakers Will Rise

      +G23Farrakhan52 AD or nothing! If they don’t get AD, don’t trade anyone. You might as well give the young core a chance to prove themselves under a new coach with new direction. I think all of them will be better this year. I do think the Lakers need to fire Pelinka and he hired this new coach. But you have to get it right.

    • Lakers Will Rise

      +Alex Amerling I like Beal as an addition but not just with Bron. Bron is older now and he needs a TOP 5.

    • +Julian nairn Lebron brings ur city money so im not sure if they want to do that,he have his value out of basketball.if not they would have trade him for AD a long time ago

  2. Ball Family = Poison

  3. The Laker Dynasty ended with the Ball pick in the draft.

    The reality show that ensued stained the whole Laker org.

    Bron and Ball.


  4. Lonzo is a total bust. Case closed. He’ll never come up with a shot or be able to score consistently. He just doesn’t have the skills.

  5. oh you would trade your massive bust for a proven all star? wow

  6. To even suggest Washington. Would do this proves you are trash.

  7. AD is both capable of shooting and high iq basketball wtf is Colin talking about

  8. Besides being a really good shooter and a good scorer Beal is also not very ball-dominant for how much he scores. Doesn’t tend to consume the shot clock much while he has the ball.

  9. Beal is the real deal

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