Chris Broussard & Rob Parker – Rachel Nichols Comments at Maria Taylor Were Out of Line

THE ODD COUPLE – Chris Broussard & Rob Parker address the leaked audio of ESPN’s Rachel Nichols stating that Maria Taylor’s opportunities at the network were helped by ESPN’s attempt at heterogeneity.

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  1. Cant wait to hear Charles take on this?

  2. Shaun Campbell

    The more i think about this the more i think RN may be racist. If she had argued that its in her contract to host the Finals, fine, but to bring up race and diversity and that her thing was being taken away from her and given to someone of colour makes me think that was an issue for her. I never knew her mom-in-law was Diane Sawyer until recently so Rachel should know better than to bring up this and imply that MT didnt earn the right to host the Finalsbased merit but because she was black and ESPN gave her the gig out of the desire to be PC. The argument could be made that the only reason RN is in the industry is because of her mom-in-law.

    Btw where is Doris Burke? She used to do interviews but i havent seen her in ages.

    Michelle Beadle has clearly been sidelined too as she has hosted the Finals before. RN did not say that ESPN told her that was why MT got the job so thats how she feels and it comes across as racist.

  3. Jonathan Harris

    Never heard of Maria Taylor til this whole thing came out. The comments were out of line tho but people CAN feel however they want. Leaking the take was dirty.

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