Chris Broussard responds to Magic’s comments about Pelinka & Lakers, talks KD’s future | NBA | THE HERD

Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to debate a selection of NBA subjects. He responds to Magic Johnson’s remarks about what led to his departure with the Los Angeles Lakers, in addition clarifies how the Golden State Warriors’ recent success ‘has to be difficult’ on Kevin Durant which could assure his exit.

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  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    What are your thoughts on Magic Johnson’s comments?

  2. Magic was in over his head.

  3. Good point magic didn’t help the Lakers sign a free agent for mext summer he call the man in charge a backstabber for other basketball players to see! Now why would another player want to sign there after making the organization look unstable

  4. Question KD 2 rings but not Lebron 2 with Heat …..not fair they both jumped ship……Question KD rings you have to question lebron as well…….

    • Midwest slotgeeks

      Nate Sommers here’s the thing the heat didn’t have a better record without Bron oh and the team weren’t champions with a 73 win oh and Bron didn’t jump to people who beat him when they were up 3/1 in WCF

  5. Your here for 7:45

  6. To be honest, Portland looks pretty bad.

  7. Magic can NEVER be the problem!

  8. Let’s quit diminishing KD’s rings. Yes GS did it without him and they play great without him but we can’t have it both ways. These sports analysts will criticize a player for not having a ring but if that same player gets one all of a sudden it’s open to all kinds of scrutiny. If that’s the case we can scrutinize D Wade. He needed Shaq and LeBron to come to Miami to win a ring. Let’s be honest, he would be ringless if they hadn’t come. Wade never even reached a conference final without either of those two but nobody wants bring that fact up…

  9. Your Right But the Heat did win a Chip 2 years before ….without Bron….look free agency gives them the right to play for whoever they want…..just think its wrong for people two say KD Rings are any less then Lebron 2

  10. Morris Whitaker

    Lavar Ball told yall about Magic not being in charge months before any one and people called him crazy. Bring Lavar back on for more details.

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