Chris Broussard believes NBA players should get longer deals to stop trade firmly requests | NBA | THE HERD

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made recent statements about the NBA interfering rules and players forcing trades. Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to give his thoughts on the matter and states two ways to possibly stop players from firmly requesting trades.

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  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Do you like NBA players teaming up?

    • I prefer no more than 2 offensively talented all stars on a team even though I know that can’t always be helped ??‍♂️

    • I like that idea, but it should go both ways with the owners. My favorite team the Chicago Bulls traded Jimmy Butler before his 1st big church contract was up. Therefore; you could say they didn’t honor his contract because keep in mind that a contract is always between 2 or more individuals ☑️

    • No what has happened to the raptors is an embarrassment to the league

    • Queena Tolliver


    • Uncle Dennis must of told him to be Kawhiet

  2. Paul George got traded because OKC are over the cap and they knew will never will the chip. Even though Paul George wanted out I think its OKC thats happy

  3. Captain Calamari

    Eric Andre?

  4. “Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watched. And while others act, he plans. And when they finally rest…he strikes.” Not sure who said it but they were obviously talking about Kawhi Leonard.

  5. Thionic The Gold Standard

    check out my latest video it’s too funny

  6. Dwight 8 time allstar, 8 time allnba, 5 time allnba defense, 5 time rebounding champ, 3 years in a row of DPOY (won in a huge landslide all three years in the voting), took his team to the finals. He will probably end up with about 22k points and maybe 16+k rebounds (around top 5 all time)…how is that not a hall of famer. You cant tell me mourning or mutombo were on a whole other level than howard.

  7. Tampering rules are routinely enforced in other sports. Aaron Judge was fined for joking with Machado that he would look good in pinstripes while Aaron was on third base during a ST game. Cashman has been fined several times for comments. I don’t see why the NBA has to be the inmates running the asylum.

  8. Pick on the knicks whydontcha

  9. what you can do is if a player wants to be traded and is still in contract, they lose money…if the team wants to get rid of the player, you have to pay the player more.

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