Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips – You Suck at Cooking (episode 113)

Chocolate dipped potato chips, chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped almonds, and chocolate dipped coffee beans all have one things in common; they are not dipped in spandex. While the preservative qualities of spandex are well known, it is foolish to use latex as a preservative when there are so many better ways to make food last longer.


  1. the quality of these videos. this man deserves an award i

  2. You suck at youtube videos dork

  3. Victor nonexistant

    Any foods that are sensitive with braces?

  4. It’s healthy because it contains Strawberry.

  5. Rube Goldberg machine part of the video was likely more difficult than building an actual Rube Goldberg machine. Bravo. This is one of the best channels on YouTube.

    Note: If the coffee people actually had power stone as a grind option on their website, I’d almost be convinced into being a coffee drinker due to that alone.

  6. Finally after the Crispy Ramen Salad episode we get to see his Rube Goldberg machine work

  7. you and babish agreed to make a chocolate episode simultaneously huh

  8. 2:25 hol up

  9. Was that the Egg Series trampoline.

  10. I’ve seen better cluster stuffed nuts. On the other hand, I’ve never seen a better chocolalmondcoffeetatoberrycrunchsurprise. Life changing…truly.

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