China’s Major Tax Problem

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  1. Economics Explained

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  2. Yeh no taxes sounds like a brilliant brilliant system
    Of course westerners won’t be able to get over the racism

  3. Unlike China, I don’t have a major tax problem, I don’t pay my taxes.

  4. I’ll laugh when other countries start stealing Chinese tech. Only fair.

  5. Jannie Schlüter

    China always lies.

  6. Wouter van der Merwe

    I’ve been working in China for 10 years and everyone I know pays about 20% of income tax. People saying this is a good channel knows very little about China.

  7. Please work on that vocal fry. It’s beyond annoying and it’s distracting from the video.

  8. If taxation is voluntary I choose not to pay.

  9. jagadeesh domalapelli

    CCP be like :- Write that down Write that down.

  10. 8:31 – Credit ratings are garbage.

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