China reacts to Pelosi’s Taiwan visit with new sanctions

CNBC’s Eunice Yoon joins ‘Squawk Box’ to break down the most up-to-date sanctions China is taking against the U.S. for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan.

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  1. The world needs to wake up and realize as long as communism exists there will never be peace.

  2. andre widianto sutianto

    Pelosi’s visit to TW has brought lots of blessings for the Island

  3. China can sanction deez nuts.

  4. Japanese took the opportunity to claim economic zone in dispute with Taiwan. Based on Japanese their economic zone extends to the coast of taiwan, Japan is a predator just like they did in WW2.

    Meanwhile, I saw a Taiwanese news showing tourists are flooding boats to go watch PLA exercises in sea, lol.

  5. Watching what could be the beginnings of a major conflict and Apple only cares about it’s profits and making sure the bad guys don’t think they have any connections with Taiwan. Stay classy Apple. This, ignoring EU fines, and engineering as much irrepairability as possible into it’s products is why only idiots use Apple.

  6. We don’t send that ignorant women to handle real stuff get her out of office and biden and everything will be OK

  7. Humans really do have a brain defect.

  8. Let’s go you liberal arts dropout clowns. Sign up for the army, bring your boyfriend you’ll need him… Show balls now pls lol… FOR DA CULCHA!!

  9. Pelosi not only screwed herself. — she screwed the US

  10. Is she dead yet?

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