0:00 Intro
0:45 Cheating Update
2:30 Game 1
6:41 Game 2
15:17 Game 3
21:30 Hans

Photo by Lennart Ootes:

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  1. Frederic Pascual Dose

    Commenting for the wifey recap 😀

  2. yay its 16k comment and Lucy does the recap!

  3. as for the whole cheating bullshit I think everyone should just relax. I mean Magnus is just one chess player even if the world champion times many. Hans is also just one chess player. Whatever happens next wont have too much impact on the whole chess world right? We will still play the game and have fun. Maybe there will be more tourney regulations or sth… Someone will apologize someone might get banned or whatever… Its just a couple of chess players.

  4. Lol 16k comments already. Lucy should just make her own channel lol

  5. bring your wife on.

  6. Slow down those openings

  7. Waiting for 10k

  8. Aparajit Who is Riju

    Hi,,…. pls bring on your wife on camera…

  9. Team Magnus or Team Hans? Or maybe team anal beads?

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