Ben vs. James. A twenty minute time limit. It is time for our professional cooks to pull out all the stops. Who’s your worthy victor? Cast your vote in the survey!

Here is a playlist of ALL the Chef vs.
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  1. Here’s a playlist of ALL the Chef vs. Chef Battles we’ve done:

  2. onequartercanadian

    It’s interesting how in the 13.5 minute battle James went super creative and and out of the box yet very simple. Now James is going very elaborate.

  3. onequartercanadian

    Esca-pea is such an under appreciated pun. It’s amazing.

  4. Georgia Keeton-williams

    Uni series! Limited budget and can be done with appliances in a typical student kitchen

  5. Anna Hovakimian

    Yum, happy to judge their cooking by eating this food any day !

  6. Ann-Marie Coughlan

    James should of won

  7. I agree Ben’s the winner…but James should be awarded a reciprocal crotch-punch.

  8. Suggestion: ultimate pie battle (can do sweet or savoury!)

  9. BEN FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Christian Spliess

    First thing to check: The Kettle. – Smile.

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