Cheap vs Expensive: Bath Bomb Making for the First Time

We have never made bath bombs before… why not test the most cheap and most high priced kits we could find? Go to for 15% off your order. Brought to you by Raycon. Check out the kits we used below! 👇

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  1. We now have 7 channels how many have you found?

  2. Albert / Alan Greenman

    really enjoy your videos … you two are brilliant

  3. what are you? out of focus

  4. So what you are saying you are making preperations for baking yourselfs? 😛

  5. Guys! Next time use the right measuring cup! You were using a liquid measuring cup for dry ingredients. Use dry measuring cups and scrape the top to level them…that’s cooking 101 That’s why that 2nd mix wasn’t right and why it seemed like there wasn’t 2 cups in the kit, your ratios were off! 😛

  6. A bath bomb press made out of legit aerospace grade Parker Hannifin pneumatics and precision turned metal dies is wildly excessive and over engineered. I love it

  7. note to self, use at least double the essential oil used here when making bathbombs. Maybe more.

  8. Ok this is the funniest video u guys have ever posted I smiled the entire time

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