CHEAP V8 Ford Fairmont REVIVAL! Will it Run & Drive?

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Today we put a 1979 Ford Fairmont back on the street where it belongs!


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  1. What should we do with the Fairmont? Daily it? Budget sleeper build? Let us know!!

  2. Nice car my buddy has an 80s Ltd brougham with a351 Windsor medium cam single plain Holly intake and a 700 something edelbrock carb has like 350 horse

  3. Just put an address with a check valve shift kit

  4. Leave it original!


  6. SN95 with a cyote?
    Did Wyatt get an upgrade?

  7. Camero or firebird

  8. working_country ___

    Honestly id enjoy it stock a while then tinker with it. A 3.7L na v6 from a mustang transit or f150 is 300hp and good mpg….

  9. Budget sleeper build would suit it well

  10. Revive, Flip, Restore

    What’s the story on the blue 76-79 long wheel base ford in the background and would you consider selling 🤔

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