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  1. Tour tickets available at ❤️

    • Danny Duncan I just pōstēd a nēw vīdēō and would lōvē some fēēdback??

    • You can clearly tell U spit don’t swallow hahaha

    • If one person reads this, it’ll truly make my day. I know people write this stuff all the time, but I really do believe that I will be up next in the rap game. If ONE PERSON who reads this could give this comment a thumbs up, you’ll be a step closer to helping a man’s dream come true! I promise you that I don’t suck, and that you most likely will not be disappointed. Just give me a chance, and check out my music. It would also mean a lot to me if you reposted the songs you liked, and follow my channel to see me grow as an artist! Much love to everyone who actually read this WHOLE THING!

  2. javier hernandez

    #1 on trending ?

  3. 8:57 FOOTBALL is much better then Baseball.

  4. that was the greatest promo for your own tour ever

  5. Danny just revealed Ronnie identity ?

  6. Sub to me or your gay.

  7. Ayeee #1 on trending


  9. *Congrats on #1 trending!* ?

  10. Deyvid's Channel


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