Charles III touted king in historical rite – BBC News

Trumpets and sobs of “God save the King” were heard as Charles III was announced monarch during an elaborate rite at St. James’s Palace.

Charles became king immediately following the death of his mom, Queen Elizabeth II, but a historical meeting officially verified his role on Saturday.

It is the first time that cameras have been inside this ceremony, the last of which took place over 70 years ago.


  1. Rip queen

  2. Chas sure didn’t waste any time.

  3. So 5 years ago I asked God to control my life so he did but I went through alot only to be present today, so I prayed and ask God what I must do now and I heard a voice saying I must sick his dick I dismissed then got a loving spirit come within me for gods dick so I denied.

  4. #Longlivetheking#Godsavetheking#Godblesstheunitedkingdom#Godblessengland#Godblessthebritishempire.

  5. Liz came-QUEEN DIE!!!

  6. 君不君臣不臣,父不父子不子,此乃大恶!久,积恶之邦必有余殃。

  7. Charlie,

    We need doctors. Please send money.


  8. Long Live the King 🙏

  9. Magnifique 🤩🇫🇷 la France va devenir nostalgique de sa monarchie.

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