Charging a non-Tesla at a Tesla Supercharger!

A Tesla, a Lucid and a Rivian stroll in to a bar…

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

That hoodie:


  1. Xano Trevisan Kothe

    Pretty cool to see that many people trying to charge in the same spot. I think Tesla is doing a fantastic job rolling out just a few stations. I hope they learn from this

  2. just buy a cable bro

  3. That other YouTuber was at the right place, at the right time! I hope the best for him and his channel.

  4. the rivian is so cool the complete polar opposite of my smart eq 😂

  5. this is why fuel bowsers are located between the lanes not at one end or the other

  6. Ceph the Observer

    State of charge is about to get lots of traffic and subscribers.

  7. how much value is there for Tesla in just having so many more people download their app and use it? how much data are they collecting? we should not overlook this, and it might be a huge driver in their decision to effectively make every other ev a bit better than they were

  8. Anders Kjærsgaard

    It’s the same problem in EU even with the longer cables. There are 3 solutions: Much longer cables as other charging stations have. Other brands move their charing port. More space around each charger. 

    In EU (look at the Odense, Denmark SuC) there are a cluster of 4 stalls where there are much more space than the remaining 8 stalls that uses the normal SuC layout

  9. The only right place for charging port is at the front in the middle. Nissan Leaf got it right the first time.

  10. it cost 30 bucks? wow, thats expensive

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