CHARGED With Murder: Alex Murdaugh, Casey White / Sherri Papini Pleads GUILTY

Time stamps:
3:21 – Alex
12:55 – Casey
19:12 – Sherri

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  1. Time stamps:
    3:21 – Alex
    12:55 – Casey
    19:12 – Sherri

    Full videos on cases covered:
    Alex Murdaugh:
    Casey White & Vicky White:
    Sherri Papini:

  2. LOVE THIS!! Thank you, please please please keep this going!


  4. Rachel Hollobaugh

    Hi, can we just appreciate how much of an absolute TROOPER Kendall is? I have never been pregnant, but from watching my cousins be pregnant, the third trimester seems to be the worst, and especially in the middle of summer!! We all hope you have a safe delivery Kendall!! 💖💖

  5. MEET YanaBeeLit*

    Why would Keith be involved when she was clearly sleeping with her ex during that time

  6. Yes, please continue to update us on the Murdaugh case! Thank u.

  7. Yes, more updates please! Praying all the best to you and your baby!

  8. Lockridge family vlogs

    Congratulations on having a baby.
    It’s been awhile since I watched you so this is news to me. I’m happy for you!

  9. What’s saddest about the Sherri Papini case is she got the attention and coverage that most victims families would sacrifice everything to get…. And it was all for nothing, she was never in true danger for a single second. Sad.

  10. Kendall, what do you think about the fact that the court house where Alex is supposed to be tried, had a lot of personal ties there and I believe it’s a picture of his Great Grandfather that’s hanging up in that court house. Do you think it should be moved somewhere else?

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