Character Demo – “Alhaitham: Think Before You Act” | Genshin Impact

On his self-coined term of “lame,” Alhaitham believed it was just an off-the-cuff comment, and never awaited it to become a point of disagreement.
Even so, this is in the end beside the point. He is not concerned regarding other people squabbling over such frivolous matters, as it’s not his time that is wasted.

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  1. Bro he’s most intelligent

  2. Весь мир это отсылка на Джо Джо

  3. why did you give me jean i wanted alhaitum i lost the 5050 please give me 10000 primos so i can get him please genshin

  4. 『G』『i』『o』『-』『s』『a』『n』

    this moment of reunion is so rare! more moments like this hahaha

  5. cyno crossing his legs

  6. waited this character for so long only to get keqing

  7. call me old fashioned but i was raised to serve my husband. i clean the dishes and cook him food. i do whatever he says because he is my husband and he makes the rules around the house. he owns me. if he ever cheats on me it’s because i was lacking.

  8. i have watched this demo more than 20 times now , its such vibe . <3

  9. gostei de toda a arte e interação entre os personagens, mas a trilha sonora tava bem estranha, tipo não parece que vc ouve e pensa no Alhaitham sabe

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