“Change of Plans” | Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Disney+

Kick off the holidays with the very first two episodes of Marvel Studios’ “Hawkeye,” and start streaming on November 24 on Disney+.

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  1. sorry for the one piece fans

  2. Best part is still Clint’s face when she can’t believe that there are MORE dangerous arrows than the exploding one, haha

  3. YAYY

  4. It seems like Clint is not enjoying that battle of new york theatre play.

  5. Looks fun

  6. 0:51 can anybody please tell me who gives voice to all this title tags in all the Marvel trailers and spots. Just love it.

  7. Marvel’s GREEN ARROW RIP-OFF!

  8. So Hawkeye retiring.We won’t see Hawkeye after this series?

  9. I like that Marvel is adding more variety into their stuff. A Marvel Sitcom with Wandavision and now A Marvel Christmas Show. It adds something fresh and I think this id how they can top the Infinity Saga.

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