Challenging Bob Does Sports To A Match | Bryson DeChambeau

Who else should I have a match with? Drop a remark below.

Challenging Bob Does Sports To A Match | Bryson DeChambeau


  1. Bryson DeChambeau

    Should we run this back? Need to get Bob involved. Maybe switch up the format a little bit for next time.

  2. Awesome!!! Good times boys!!!

  3. *biftec*

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  4. How did you tie hole 2? Martin missed the putt so wouldn’t that be a 3 for y’all instead of 2?

  5. Rita 22 y.o - check my vidéó

    Bryson and Martin are trying to win while Perez and Cold are partying it up drinking beers.

  6. him calling that put…whoa

  7. 12 foot putt percentage, about 30%

  8. If you hit a hole in one on a ‘worst shot’ that would count regardless of the ball hit by your teammate. In the hole is in the hole.

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