CEOs Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos & Sundar Pichai give testimony before House Judiciary Cmte

House Judiciary hearing on Antitrust Law. Testimony from CEOs:

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
Tim Cook (Apple)
Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
Sundar Pichai (Google)

LIVE at midday ET on C-SPAN3, C-SPAN Radio & on-line here:


  1. Mark zukerborg is a robot double

  2. All due respect, I want to hear what details these CEO’s keep saying they will give offline to congressional members. I would ask these representatives to give the public these CEO’s future responses, the ones CEO’s cannot provide today.
    This hearing inquisition is not rooted in many of the responses we hear from these CEO’s. I feel none of this group understands values of Americans or care about some of the most important concerns. The CEO’s are making decisions that law makers, who are elected officials, should be making. They show biasing in their judgements and in many cases are making decisions that have dramatic impacts on civilians freedoms.
    It’s them having more power to overwhelm small businesses and kill competitors, as is prevented by monopoly laws. It’s as if they are attempting to play ‘government, judge and jury’.
    These CEO’s exhibit bias in favor of Foreign Adversaries (one example: hiring foreign people over the homeless Americans in their areas, Zuck. saying that the values of others may overcome USA values, killing American small business by purchasing or squashing competition whilst hiring foreign workers…). We have observed and they have testified as such, but it’s reflective of what is ongoing in certain areas of this nation which are having huge American hatred riots.
    Please create Law Enforcement oversight to enforce regulations consistent with USA core values. These CEO’s are not the government, but they appear to be enjoying associated powers. The influence over conservative Americans, as “BAD people” needs to cease(another symptom we learn about happening to conservatives in these same areas where non-peaceful riots are ongoing). Similarly, we have seen harassing behaviors come from some of these companies to citizens they suspect are conservative. I myself, in the past two days alone, am receiving messages from two liberal owned companies stating: “sorry we have having ‘system issues’, please provide your private details on non-secured platforms”. One of the companies had “America Free Zone” written at the bottom of the message. We should have included some of the cell phone CEO’s honestly. This same thing needs to be done for each Technological company or store that has largely liberal bases with tendency towards any bias against it’s customers based on paranoia over political affiliation.

  3. It’s good to better know those anti-patriot leaders who will be jailed because of their flagrant election meddling. Who the hell needs Russian when you have fake news like CNN and these Internet idiots playing God. History has shown us over and over again that those who like playing God wind up hanging from their feet and stoned.

  4. Eyes Open in California
    The Mark of the Beast is here. Warn the others… don’t take it. Seriously

  5. Sundar Pichai: 30:04, 46:33, 1:09:19, 1:17:07, 1:42:35, 1:56:16, 2:01:25, 2:37:38, 2:59:01, 3:04:57, 3:43:35, 3:56:17, 4:20:04,
    Tim Cook: 35:15, 1:11:00, 2:48:38, 3:47:48, 4:07:08,
    Mark Zuckerberg: 40:27, 54:20, 1:23:58 , 2:16:51, 2:40:05, 3:03:53, 3:08:45, 3:45:13, 3:51:08, 4:13:41, 4:24:58,
    Jeff Bezos: 24:53, 1:48:20 , 2:12:53, 2:24:04, 2:51:09, 3:14:03, 3:40:27, 4:01:51, 4:23:25,
    I tried my best but I didn’t get them all

  6. Honestly, this is not about what good these CEO’s companies have done. Surely they better have done many good things. Moreover, this hearing is not about good deeds covering for negative deeds or how many other business’ you support. It’s about the bad things which are not based on US values. This is the reason market monopolies are not allowed! Why do these CEO’s not understand these concepts. That is not a lot of competitors to have emerged about considering the population count and freedoms we have. Killing or merging with competition is a pattern of conduct, so it looks like we can expect more hearings like this…

  7. ain’t no way y’all watched all 5 hours of this

  8. Meh… Tech companies should just get with the program and donate to super PACs. All of these problems for them will magically disappear.

  9. What if these titans, instead of being broken up persay would instead give a certain percentage of money to small businesses?

  10. Lissom M. Hutabarat

    Siap bang jago 👍

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