Center – Day 3 – Shift

Today’s practice offers up the following question:
Where would I like to create a fundamental shift in my life?
This series is a good exercise session – but it is not to be experienced only as a workout series. Remember, it is designed like a good book. One page, or practice, leads you to the next.

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  1. Yoga With Adriene

    Today’s practice offers up the following question: Where do I want to create a meaningful shift in my life?

  2. Thank you Adriene for the yoga and beautiful email today. I love the poem by Mary Oliver. This is my first 30 day yoga experience and this is a wonderful positive community. And I love benji.

  3. boy oh boy that chair pose…but I did it 😊

  4. I got super excited when I went into that low lunge today and suddenly felt my whole body align as if something had slotted into place and it felt SO GOOD! These are the moments that make practicing so special to me.
    In terms of the question “Where do I want to make meaningful change in my life?” I feel strongly that I want to change my relationship with sleep. I haven’t been making it a priority and that leads to me staying up super late doing random stuff and then waking up half way through the afternoon as a result. I want to find a deeper respect for my body’s need for sleep, to not get in the way of that in the evenings and also not spend my whole morning lying around and getting too much rest.
    Much love to everyone practicing xxx

  5. Thank you Adriene your session today really cheered me up . To focus on my good friends and not the negative x

  6. Hard on my legs today, but I still enjoy what I practice. Why is Adrienne not saying namaste at the end in this series?

  7. I’m loving the first 3 days, but I miss Adriene saying “Namaste” at the end. Is there some reason for this I’m missing?

  8. I’ve been doing the videos in the evening when they are released (10 PM PST) and have found it a great way to wind down. This one was hard for me as I injured my shoulder in October and havent done any yoga since then. But I am glad to get moving again! The SHIFT I WANT TO CREATE: to honor my body as it is – give it rest and modified poses as needed. ♥

  9. “If you fall, we’ll catch you” Adriene…this community…such supportive beauty. Though not together physically, we are together energetically and I felt held, and able to hold space, by/for all of you. much love!

  10. Thank you Adriene!

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