Center – Day 1 – Show Up

**The most treasured part of a centering practice is the brave act of showing up.**

This series may look like quite a bit of core strengthening workout routines, moves for a healthy backbone, good lymphatic flow, unleashing stress and diminishing degenerative ache.

But, it is really about studying and knowing who you are. And perhaps you will never know the power of this 30 days of centering with me, unless that is


Happy day 1! Check it off on your calendar when complete and I will see you again tomorrow!

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  1. Just starting my post partum recovery and I am so happy about this timing!

  2. Thank you Adriene for another great practice. Here’s to CENTER DAY 1

  3. Today was my first practice in quite some time and it felt amazing and peaceful! And I had the added bonus of my cat rolling around my yoga mat with me ❤ this year I’m commuting g to reconnecting and this was an amazing practice to start with 😊

  4. “Showing up” authentically is a work in progress. Thank you Adriene and Benji for being part of this journey. I am grateful.

  5. I’ve been doing yoga on and off since I was 15. That’s 22 years. I haven’t been very active lately due to autistic burnout and SSRI withdrawal syndrome. I sure don’t feel like an advanced yogi. But that doesn’t matter. I’m learning to unmask off the mat, and now on the mat too! This yoga journey is an opportunity to learn what that looks like. Modifying poses based on my energy level, for sure. Maybe also letting go of the ideal of morning yoga. I’m a night owl and while I like the idea of starting a day with yoga, I’m much more present when I do yoga in the evening. I did this practice at 9.30 PM.

  6. Thank you so much for the lovely practice and your kind words. 🙏❤ Was much needed today!

  7. Inês Machado Casamentos

    So glad to be back to these daily practices, did yoga with Adriene every day for a year in 2020, definitely out of shape but looking forward to come back to it slowly!!

  8. I’m so excited to feel strength again, I’ve missed being on the mat !!

  9. Anyone ever fall asleep in corpse pose? I must just be exhausted today. It was a lot of fun!

  10. Today was very humbling for me since I couldn’t hold all the positions. In the past I would have given up on the first try, telling myself it was too hard and I was too weak. Now I’m a little older and (hopefully) a little wiser and I’m looking forward to see how I improve over the next 30 days.

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