Celtic vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Celtic mark their go back to the UCL group stage by hosting the contest’s most effective club and the reigning champions, Real Madrid. 

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  1. Despite losing 3-0 Celtic style of play is very pleasing to watch. Nevertheless Madrid look very strong this year and I can see them reaching the final again.

  2. #halamadrid

  3. An a assist and a goal from hazard? Yessir.. great way to start the champions league agreed!

  4. That Valverde pass to hazard 🔥 🔥

  5. Reo Hatate was definitely one of the best players on the pitch this game. He was amazing

  6. good to see Hazard in action

  7. Either I’m high or these commentators r on crack mans said “very close to being offside” his whole body is OFFSIDE!

  8. Celtic have some decent players to get them somewhere in the CL. not all the way but somewhere..

  9. 8:33 that move from Hazard, love it. Also the team started this champions exactly how finish the last, Valverde Pass to Vinicius goal.

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