celebs need to STOP constructing beauty brands!

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Edited by Israh S.

0:00 – intro
5:10 – a concise history of the superstar perfume
11:29 – the power of celeb
15:54 – why is everyone jumping on the bandwagon
19:39 – the downfalls
29:05 – the environmental impact


  1. well I thought a lipstick who could be applied on girl lips, could be applied on men lips, I guess I was wrong 😅😂 Objects don’t have any gender.

  2. Thank you for speaking about the environmental impact ! It is terrible

  3. Madeleine Armstrong

    It bums me out that people who are young, like zendaya for example, are the lead marketers for skincare/eye creams for Lancome where ‘maintaining and creating a youthful glow’ are the main concern. Why would you trust a 25 year old’s endorsement of an eyecream? she’s 25!! she literally looks 25, the cream will do little except possibly preventative work (but that’s not at all the main push of their products). I can imagine these kind of campaigns to be so damaging to anyone who society deems ‘old’ (basically anyone not 25 under). Let women age with grace and power, yo.

  4. Mina where are you from? Sorry this is off topic, but I’ve never heard anyone with this accent before!

  5. I really like fenty beauty, because the shades are really inclusive and I obviously love Rihanna 🤎.

  6. What do you think about influencers partnering with perfume brands? In particular I see that a lot of influencers partner with that Marc jacobs flower perfume

  7. Yes!!!! Clearly I know that using Kim K skincare products will NOT make my skin look like hers. Even if I buy ALL of it. I could swing the products but not all of the procedures that go along with it. Don’t even get me started on J Lo and that olive oil.

  8. I have always liked skin care and sun protection, and lately I’ve been watching James Welsh because he’s so darn cute and he seems to be honest in his opinions. But I will never use five or six products over each other. That’s exhausting. Celebrities have no particular cachet for me, so I feel safe from that angle. Also, I have worked for magazines, and I know that their recommendations are mostly based on ad revenue, not honest opinions.

  9. What do you feel about Youtubers making beauty brands as well?

    And can you do a video that touches on the topic of youtubers and other fashion brands creating high end “basics” clothing line, I suppose following the Skims model. I mean, how sustainably made and softer and “different-than-the-others” is that USD$100.00 hoodie?

  10. I do think Rare Beauty has done something different with their packaging by making it “easy open” and more accessible to people. I think it shows true care and it is insane how this is not mainstream.

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