Cedric Entertainer Checks Katt Williams Over Alleged Stolen Joke: “That’s My Joke”

https://www.comedyhype.com/ – Katt Williams would make headlines after suggesting Cedric The Entertainer stole one of his jokes for The Original Kings Of Comedy. Cedric would then follow up on Instagram to responds to the allegations.


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  2. Katt still ignorant

  3. Katt Williams was never really funny to me all he does is a lot of cussing

  4. Hey man I love BOTH these men and their individual styles, never heard Katt2do a space joke though- a misunderstanding perhaps

  5. Fuck Cedric he sold out Bernie Mac. People stop letting these Internet Blogs Bait y’all in. Lies just too create a Story

  6. All you got to do ced find that lil dude that gave him the business at the school give em $20 and he’ll handle for ya!!! Lol everybody still remember that?

  7. Katt Williams is reaching

  8. He sounds very ignorant

  9. Dang…grow the f**k up you two ..I heard that joke… believe me it wasn’t that funny.

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