Cece Winans & Her Husband of 38 Years, Pastor Alvin Love, Join Us!

15-time Grammy-winning gospel fable CeCe Winans is here! The best-selling and most-awarded lady gospel artist of all time opens up about her new book, “Believe For It: Passing On Faith To The Next Generation.” CeCe in addition looks back at her childhood, growing up with 9 brothers and sisters, and why Whitney Houston famously called herself “the “11th Winans.”

As a new mother, a newlywed, and a survivor who is proving you can accomplish anything at any age, Tamron Hall brings a refreshing, relatable, unforeseeable, and unstoppable voice to tv.
Telecast from New York City featuring a dynamic mix of live and taped shows, “Tamron Hall” airs across the nation in nationwide syndication.


  1. Are white people allowed on your show? Id love to be in the audience.

  2. Cece is so fat and cute

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  5. FinancialWELLnessMom_MD

    God never runs out of More…!!!😊🧨🔥

  6. I love Ceecee

  7. That commentator genuinely has a talent for casting. It’d be kinda funny if his career blows up after this. Honestly added so much value to an already nuts chase

  8. The voice acting in this game is phenomenal. That frustration in Atreus’ voice when he says “great, I guess everyone’s against me now” sounded so realistic.
    And Mimir saying “something bad did happen! LOOK AT ME! At Freya, at Tyr! Odin did this to us!” was so well delivered
    Props to the voice actors

  9. Matpat’s theories are so interesting and thought out as always, but when are we getting a theory of how Matpat’s mind comes up with a topic?

  10. Cece Winans is the epitome of grace, class, and beauty. When I was pregnant I always listened to her Throne Room album. I even put the headphones with music playing on my stomach. After birth, if my baby boy cried after food and diaper changes, all I had to do was put on her Throne Room album. He would immediately stop and listen. Even now, when I want to sit, rest, and be still in the presence of God, I may play that album. Jesus You’re Beautiful To Me, How Great Thou Art!, and You’re So Holy moves me deeply into the awareness of God’s presence with me. My son turns 18 on December 1, 2022. I praise God for blessing me with a wonderful son. He is a high school student, taking college courses, and starts his job next week. He respects me, is kind to everyone, and is responsible, confident, independent thinker, believes in God, … I know it was not just my parenting, but the foundation of God I tried to give my son, which started with the Throne Room album. So I thank Ms. Cece for not only being a blessing to me but being a blessing to my son in the womb. 👏🏾❤

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