Catching an Explosion in Water at 5 Million FPS – The Slow Mo Guys

#PrimeVideoCreator Formed charges are capable of smashing through a target at a speed of 10 Kilometres per second. Gav and Dan whip out the serious kit for this one. AD- Watch The Terminal List now on Prime Video clip:
5 million frames per second played back at 25fps is the equal of slowing down 1 second of real time to over 2 days of playback.
Large thanks to the Colorado School of Mines for letting us back and for the use of their explosives and Shimadzu camera.
Catching an Eruption in Water at 5 Million FPS – The Slow Mo People


  1. It doesnt matter how thick the plastic is, water isn’t compressable so its an immovable object

  2. One of the coolest videos on youtube. Well done.

  3. This is insane.

  4. Butterstreifen

    13 : 59 the 5 mil fps shot

  5. I would love to see a shaped charge vs a sheet of glass at 5M fps, mayyyyybe see the cracks at that exposure. Also a shaped charge under water or just below the surface shooting upwards
    Or maybe slicing things in half, like a knife or something like that

  6. 13:58 that’s so good

  7. Wow.

  8. Click bait much the water wasn’t done at 5 mil!

  9. Good Job Gav and Dan.

  10. Brendon Davies

    imagine the slow mo Taliban guys, where they put one of these charges on a prisoners forehead.

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