Catch The Final Shiny Pokemon To Win

Whoever catches the last Shiny Pokemon before the clock ticks down wins!

#Pokemon #ShinyPokemon #PokemonScarletandViolet


  1. Download Honkai Impact 3rd: and their 5th Anniversary here:

  2. Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Good job to both or ya and congrats to Mikey on the W… as soon as the video showed up for my notifications and I saw the title I was like… John will have an easy W on this right?….. right?

  3. love your videos 🙂

  4. Amazing job you’re currently on #8 on trending along with an amazing video.

  5. john took alot of emotional damage from losing the shiny challenge

  6. Pawmi isn’t fighting type, but PawMO and PawMOT are.

  7. 9:43 AYO !!!!!!!!

  8. Pm7 I am almost certain you missed a shiny flamigo

  9. Bluedolph strikes again

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