Casually Explained: Tipping

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  1. I only tip 3 dollars regardless of what it is. Fuck tipping

  2. Sarin Highwind

    Take away tipping, so high end servers make less money per year. They can get that 10 dollars an hour they are willing to pay vs the 20-30 an hour they make as a good server with tips.

  3. 1:22 shouldve said cuz im not a chicken

  4. DaddyJaspersSon

    this is the only funny channel that gets put on trending

  5. If you pay $1500 for textbooks, you’re doing it wrong. I haven’t paid for books since the first semester of freshmen year.

  6. Thank you for repping Canada

  7. This has to be explained?!
    In my experience people that are happiest in life tip well. Those that want to judge always tip according to performance. People who make excuses about tipping little each time have no integrity. Those that tip when picking up a to-go are good partners. People who don’t tip at all are communist.

  8. I fucking hate tipping, but then again I don’t know the perspective of the person getting tipped. I always forget because I’m kind of new to the whole paying-for-my-own-shit part of life and always feel this obligated sense of guilt when I realize my mistake. Lately, though, I’ve just been rounding up to 5’s on my bills for the sake of a clean bank account, but I still feel like I’m still frowned upon. Can a NA waitress tell me what it’s like when a customer doesn’t tip or tips a smaller amount than what’s expected?

  9. America is unironically the most 3rd world 1st world country

  10. I hate the tipping economy here in the U.S.

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