CASH NASTY AND JULIAN NEWMAN HEATED 2V2! | Cash and Bree vs Julian and Stephania

Julian Newman and Stephania vs Cash Nasty and Bree Green on Wednesday at 8:30pm EASTERN!

Broadcast Boys Podcast!


  1. 42:55 that was foul af by Cash! lmfaoooo

    “short like Julian”

  2. Aye that crossover from cash was nice Asl to end the second game😭😭🗣

  3. Idk wat steph can do onna court beside encourage but julian could’ve Atleast passed the ball more

  4. my fav team finally won

  5. The fact I can go 21-0 against them all combined 😂

  6. 4:52 man what a sorry, that vertical 😂😂😂😂

  7. We need Anthony Height vs Julian Newman

  8. Julian is a bad teammate bru dont passthe ball for nun

  9. In the 2nd game u can tell steph an julian were gonna lose right after bree’s first bucket lol

  10. Steph is lowkey not wanting to get the rock, and julian well ain’t even trying to pass her the ball 😅

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