Carson Wentz Confronts Pat McAfee About Calling Him Broken

Shoutout to Carson Wentz for coming on the show.

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.

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  1. The Pat McAfee Show

    Weird audio thing late in the video there. Sorry about that folks.

  2. “well what happened was” smh phony ass people

  3. Is it just me or does the Carson and Pat connection is as good as Pat and Aaron, We might see some Pat Mcafee Wentzdays and rodgers tuesdays which i like to call Cheesy tuesdays as he is a uuh packer, dont worry ill shut up

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  5. Wait until he over throws wide open receivers on god lmao he’s boutta reverse all the hard work y’all did last season pittman jr is gonna wanna leave lmao just watch

  6. He can talk to Pat but he hid from the Philly reporters

  7. People need to stand by what they say or not saying anything at all!!!

  8. Just from you

  9. Wentz’ expression was great when Pat was on the spot 😅

  10. Man, Wentz sucks 😂😂what a dickhead, he’s so cheap, he invited teamates to Texas , made them pay their own way and is now using the same number as jalen hurts bc he’s too cheap to offer michael pittman a little bread for his number. Dude is not elite and never will be, always thought Dak wasn’t as good as him, but Wentz can’t hold Daks jock.

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