“Carry On” – Being The Elite Ep. 323

The people are finally back.

#bte #beingtheelite #AEWFullGear

Intro Animation By Wrestling Arcade (@wrestlingarcade)
Outro Animation By Maria Lyng (@MariaLyngPoulse)


  1. Glad to see the Elite back.
    And FUCK PUNK.

  2. Sorry but I would gladly trade Generation me/Hangnail Adam Page for the return for CM Punk

  3. Hol up….who is CM Punk?

  4. Anyone notice how Cory has literally been in sync with characters and their dialogue like a true shogun?

  5. Bucks look like they haven’t missed a beat. Kenny looks more jacked and healthy they ever. Glad to see The Elite back. Can’t wait to see you guys in March at the Chase Center. Sab Francisco 2023 gonna be All Elite.

  6. Does anyone know the song they used at what 22:06 a banger 😀

  7. Welcome back 🤝

  8. Oh how I’ve missed this.

  9. I love how Moxley was in the back just posing

  10. Dark order going through all the stages of grief in such a short time for missing Vance was really funny.

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