Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!

We play an offensive card game ..built by Dan and Phil viewers?? What might go mistaken!

Come hang out with us and give us somebody to speak to! We are going live on Stereo on Tuesdays & Thursdays (9pm UK time) – just download the app: and follow us here: & to be automatically entered into our giveaway of RARE DAN AND PHIL ITEMS like signed Photo Booth pictures and a very useful CUBE – it’s gonna be fun!

Put a social in your bio so we can find you if you win. Also Stereo has an 18 ranking (they will request a bday when you get the app). There will in addition be a written account available after each Stereo show, I will put a link here after the very first one.

Music: Kevin Macleod –

COMMUNITY CAPTIONS! THANK YOU to Lucinda L, Annika S, Anya V, Avei, Romi M, Gabriel a, Mirian R, Anna V, pelin!!

(The giveaway is offered by us, Dan and Phil, independently of Stereo, and is not offered as part of a Stereo contest or in participation in any way with them)


  1. This was so familiar and after a year of crisis this was all i needed

  2. Is this 2014? What’s going on? I’m confused?

  3. ah, I did miss my earphones being blown out by Dan’s hysterical laughter /lh

  4. this gave me so much nostalgia

  5. The fact that they’ve both ACTUALLY read a lot of the fanfics about them is hilarious

  6. Lol you bet there’s probably Phans out there who want the box for the association

  7. i really needed this

  8. these videos are exactly what everyone needs right now. I used to obsessively watch your videos when I was in middle school and now I’m a freshman in college. For the past month, I’ve been re-watching all your vids as a source of comfort because of all the good memories they bring back. Thanks for coming back together to make this vid even if it’s just for this one time. You guys have continuously been a source of comfort for a lot of people. hope you are both doing well mentally and physically! Missed yall <3

  9. I don’t think I’m reading this title correctly..

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