Car Camo Stealth Camping

I discovered a spot along the side of the throughway that was perfect to pull the SUV in for an evening of secret bivouacking. I covered the automobile with hunter’s camo cloth and it mingled in splendidly. It was a bit of a noisy campsite, but I got used to it. Camped out in the vehicle I could not hear more than enough traffic.

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  1. I think there’s a problem somewhere with the YouTube processing. I have got some comments about audio not lining up, but on all the computers here the audio lines up and the original file I uploaded is ok for audio. It seems that not everyone is having the problem. My friend said he had that before and it cleared up but it was a bit of a mystery. I am working on this but hoping it resolves without having to take this down and re-upload it. Cheers everyone and sorry for the audio issues!

  2. your friendly neighborhood cum dealer

    It is really funny how you’re less embarrassed about being perceived as someone who’s doing court ordered community service rather than someone who’s just camping.

  3. Come to New Mexico and camp in the scar of the biggest fire in our state’s history. I have 5 acres out there, would love to host you all around the state!

  4. Someone (preferably someone from Canadia) enlighten me on Canadian laws… how can you be considered in Care and Control of a vehicle without the key in the ignition (or a key-fob within the vehicle, for silly keyless vehicles)?

  5. Drive over them piles!!!!!!

  6. I wish we had egg vending machines in the uk lol.

  7. Hey there buddy!! Judy & I enjoyed watching you on video.. To bad about all the thrash you found.. We have the same idiots here..Thanks for the great videos..we watch the step 2 also…Sam & Judy..😊

  8. Are you able to edit out the road noise? Love the vids and have been w you since the original RV days

  9. Straigh mashing kid

  10. Damn….you’ve stepped up you culinary game, Steve! 👏

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