Capital One Orange Bowl: Tennessee Volunteers vs. Clemson Tigers | Full Game Highlights

Check out these highlights from the Tennessee Volunteers’ Orange Bowl win over the Clemson Tigers. Vols QB Joe Milton led the way with 251 YDS & 3 TD.


  1. Phillip Williamson

    The transfer portal already is taking a toll on college football so don’t count on players staying with teams anymore, my team is losing all the players that got them to the gator bowl and beat Clemson and Tennessee. Alabama is taking committed players thru the portal so this will now be a different era in college football. To the players, bowl games aren’t that important to them as much as not getting injured before they can start making millions in the NFL. The ones that do play usually have the game of their career and increase the value of their stock for the scouts from the portal and the NFL. So there will be many transfers in the upcoming years. Rattler will have played starting QB for two college teams now and is leaving again.

  2. “He has a little bit of growing up to do. The talent is there.” Proceeds to lay down the commentary curse down on their own qb as he throws another int.

  3. Takeaways from this bowl: TN is pretty, solid throughout their roster & Clemson shouldn’t have been a seventh ranked team in the poles! Luckily; The Vols escaped the “orange” curse this bowl season!!! Condolences to Clemson, Texas, Syracuse, & Florida.

  4. Dabo gotta go asap

  5. The Orange Bowl use to be the last bowl game played on New Years day back in the last century when TV was free for all.

    Payton Manning is a happy dude right now.

  6. 0:11, 0:15, 0:25 not trying to make fun of the guy’s name whatsoever but it was definitely a good chuckle hearing them to say his name sounded like Aaahrrararoou 😆

  7. Man this game is full of last names 6:23 Wooda*s 😂

  8. Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!!

    TN missing their top 3 players and still trounced Clemson lol

  9. Clemson hasn’t been the same since Justin Fields took their soul

  10. Tennessee qb Milton is 🔥

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