Can You Beat The Hardest Escape Room in Minecraft?

You have seen jail escapes all over YouTube, but this is the real thing, the hardest escape room ever made in Minecraft. (that’s debatable lol but it is definitely up there) Do YOU have what it takes to make it through the complex puzzles and mechanics and beat Minecraft’s infeasible escape room? Stick around to figure out!

Thank you to @SeaWattgaming for being the main afflatus behind this series

This is NOT a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I investigate random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water increases or Minecraft Manhunt but a a series where I escape from the hardest escape rooms ever made!!!


  1. 3:54 You can also unsubscribe so that when he go under version 1.0 it change to version 999.99.

  2. I was yelling red netherbrick

  3. Can’t u put carpets on item frames?

  4. Are you usingBedrock cuz the glass is not connected

  5. Hello, Humans.
    Biting someone with false teeth in Louisiana, USA is considered aggravated assault.


  6. Wifies v1.12

  7. 6:23 it was not so that zombified piglin spawn and give more golden nuggets?

  8. big brain my guy

  9. You used to post every Monday and it was theories and I loved it. Then you stopped for a few months then posted things u didn’t know about minecraft which weren’t the same. I enjoy these but miss the old Wifies

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