Can you beat Pokemon Black with only Level 1 Pokemon?

Is it doable that you can beat the entirety of Pokemon Black / White with only Level 1 Pokemon? No EXP gained, no levels gained–the weakest pokemon you can aquire in Generation 5. Let us figure out.

The mod to spawn Level 1 Pokemon is PKHex, giant thank you to SmallAnt and AtSign for their Pokemon Black No EXP mod!

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  1. watch me suffer as I do more insane challenges like this live on stream:

    • if u ever do this again (doubt), u should use level one prankster cottonee 🙂 op af

    • I have an idea do it with black2

    • Correction for lagging tail, it doesn’t lower priority it just makes you move last in your priority slot, otherwise the +1 from prankster would have been negated.

    • When are u gonna do a 100.9% living national dex speedrun (every pokémon that has an alt form has to have that alt form as its own pokemon, with the only exception being Furfrou, also, they don’t all have to be shiny or non shiny, you can have a mix of both, thr only thing that matters is that the spot is filled).

      It’s the absolute cure to collector’s anxiety, I already did it and I’ve had no symptoms ever.

    • Will you refight the entire elite 4 to defeat Alder as well? Since you fight him after doing Plasma team/N on second try

  2. Lc strats les gooo

  3. 1. How did you stop your Pokémon from gaining XP & leveling up?
    2. Never played this Pokémon game before but I was watching this thinking N seems like a bad guy instead of a rival. Then I got to the end to see that he basically is the big bad.

  4. (6:57) You could’ve totally caught that shiny level 11 Pidove, and then just left it in a PC box without ever using it. It wouldn’t have disqualified your level 1 challenge at all.
    (37:12) That is amazing how Cut ended up being the finishing move of this fight.

  5. havent played pokemon black since it first came out you don’t fight alder in this game ?

  6. The last thing you’d expect in a pixelated game is for the creators to expand past those pixelations.

  7. quick claw destiny bond

  8. He got 1 mil

  9. purplejellytotPJT

    This was hilarious and greatly enjoyable. Perfect vid my guy!

  10. Something at any rate, probably

    fun fact spiritomb with wonder guard is literally immortal

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