Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas In 24 Hours?

No matter what you do, Fallout New Vegas always commences on October 19th, 20 minutes to midnight, in the year 2281. In your typical 20 hour playthrough, you may finish the game in mid to late November. But what if you woke up after being shot in the head only for a physician to let you know you have got one day left? Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas In 24 Hours?

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Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas In 24 Hours? (in text form)

When I say “24 hours” I’m discussing 24 hours as reported by Fallout New Vegas’s in-game clock. And time works different in Fallout New Vegas compared to our world. The default timescale used by the game is 30, so every minute of real time is a half-hour in-game which theoretically gives me a 47 minutes to beat New Vegas. I will return to why those 47 minutes are imaginary in just a minute.

I used the Immersive HUD mod to keep the clock on-screen at all time and the timer starts at 23:41PM. The next time you see that time on the screen, I will be dead or the challenge will be over. My SPECIAL stats are all based around getting through New Vegas as fast as achieveable. There are no regulations to weapons or talents or movement. For one single day I can do anything I want. Timer’s gone though, it comes and goes as it pleases. Time stops in dialog, when you are picking talents, when the Pip-Boys open, when you are loading into a new area, during minigames like hacking or picking a lock, and also when the game’s paused. I would love to mention this is a typical speed run but it just is not. Before leaving in the middle of the evening, sunlight financial savings time struck again, prodding me in the direction of 8am at breakneck speed. I expected going through this challenge many times and I will not cheat by using console commands to change the time. The new start time is 8:00am on the button. Trust me by the time we are ended this will be inconsequential. You will not have time to worry about your toothache when you are threw into a volcanic crater.

Those of you who have been around here a while have a general sense of what my intentions are re: (in regards to) concluding New Vegas as fast as achieveable. Yes Man’s finishing is the swiftest and the speediest route to his heart is through Cazador Canyon. With time still being my most fundamental commodity, I made certain to waste none of it by killing the Cazadors and their households in the alley. Their experience pumped me up (recollect the huge inflatable Pump It Up party place?) to level 2 and I’d need all that experience if I was going to get Speech up to 100 later on. I spent time at Bonnie Springs for a little while longer after I amazed myself by using a grenade launcher to launcher a machine gun in the direction of me.


  1. I can beat it in half a day or less.

  2. Reecealepticeye 1000

    In case anybody is looking down here before the video is over it is possible the world record is 24 minutes and 15 seconds

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  5. Soon a true speed runner

  6. Can you beat it in 10?

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