Can You Beat Cuphead Without Touching the Ground?

Is it achieveable to beat Cuphead and the Cuphead DLC without any touching the ground? I have made several challenge video clips in the past where I strived to beat a game without any touching the ground, so when I saw that the Devilish Cheats mod has an unlimited leap selection for Cuphead: yeah I simply had to do this!

Code: TETRA →

► Devilish Cheats Mod:

0:00 – Intro & Rules
0:54 – Tutorial Level & Mausoleum
3:15 – Cuphead DLC Isle
10:16 – Inkwell Isle 1
11:40 – PLANT BOI
12:04 – Inkwell Isle 2
14:06 – Inkwell Isle 3
17:38 – Inkwell Hell
19:23 – Secret Boss


If you are perusing this, leave a remark stating “Ground bad”. In addition leave a like if you are awesome :^]

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  1. Did you touch the ground today?

  2. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans
    Apples fall from the tree of life. Some are close, others fall far. No matter where you fall, you can always get back up and return to form, defy the odds, not letting any circumstance stop you.


  3. Random Person:What is your fav bo-

    *P L A N T B O I*

  4. I think you’re right but there’s only one thing there’s a ground there’s a platform stand on the platform but there’s no ground there’s a platform in a bottle don’t touch it okay that’s what

  5. 11:04 he forced chalice on

  6. Hey um so I downloaded cuphead devilish cheats but I won’t let me load bosses and it just shows a white screen can you help

  7. 11:34 you can just jump above him

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