Can we escape this GIANT Maze in Minecraft?

Can we escape the GIANT HAUNTED Maze in Minecraft?

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  1. Be sure to check out Kaizen on Planet Minecraft!:

  2. 36:19 I sense some sketchy things in the air. Haha good video! Like the longer length.

  3. I like how we have to basically pay for the map like are you not earning enough money? xd cringe

  4. This could’ve been made so much more exciting, if there were some special monsters spawning in the maze every night, kinda like in the Maze Runner movie, it would’ve made things more exciting, they’d actually have to work on their base to get some sort of food production going so that they could explore the maze consistently. This really was just them bashing their heads against a wall for 25 minutes until they figured out they gotta do jumping puzzles to get into the outer layer (which was obvious within the first 5 mins of the video when they were only finding dead ends) and then they ran through the outer walls for 20 mins…

    Idk, I still kinda enjoyed it but I guess I had too high expectations cuz I love the Maze Runner series and I was hoping this would be like that, but it wasnt. 🙁

  5. Is the horror island series still going on? Really enjoyed it

  6. charlotte glasbergen

    Maze runner-?

  7. Love how Kim is always with y’all in spirit

  8. Would be nice for you to add a text to says who’s POV it is, but great video either way

  9. You should add the grievers just
    Like in “Maze runner” Movie

    Its ok if you dont want to…

    Like if you know “Maze runner” Movie

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