Can We Climb the Impossible Stairs?

Hi guys! The only way to save her is by climbing the greasy stairs of doom! Will Joey save his spouse? Tell us down below!

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Welcome to Team Edge!
Heres 3 things we love!
-We love spending time with one another, constructing insane competitions, and having fun doing it! Thats all you will see on this channel every Tuesday and Friday!
-We love Jesus and believe its our intention here on the planet to spread the wonderful news that he has saved us from our evildoings. Because we love him its our mission to provide family friendly content that glorifies him!
-We love you. We hope you will be part of Team Edge and join us for the ride!

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  1. Let us not forget… ….BRYAN GETS CHEESECAAAAAKE!! 🤣😂🤣🤣

  2. “Get back in jail so I can save you!”-Joey 2023

  3. This was awesome!! I loved the Jake additions in not wanting to do this. The comedy is what makes this channel.

  4. he popped his first top at 10 am that’s bob. he’s our president

  5. Kelly is the most calmly upset person I’ve ever seen. Her face is serious, her words are serious, her tone is like a kindergarten teacher.

  6. The genuine worry on Kelly’s face when Joey got hurt. “Ok, pause now before I kill someone” was all I saw, lol

  7. Joey is definitely lucky to be okay. Trust me, shoulder pain is the worse especially for athletes and Team Edge. I’ve been dealing with shoulder pains for about 11&1/2 years all from bowling, striving to go professional.

  8. ur knees😨

  9. Where is bobby?

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