Can Tristan Jass and NeverMissAllie Beat Cam Wilder and Jenna Bandy? | IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS!

Cam Wilder and Jenna Bandy will play Tristan Jass and NeverMissAllie in the final game of the Creator League normal season!


  1. Really hope that Cam and Jenna match up against Cash and Bree that would be a great matchup 💪🏼

  2. Everyone mad at tjass but be real what do you expect him to do. It’s an obvious mismatch and gets doubled and his tm8 not doing much. At a certain point you can do so much with this hard of a mismatch

  3. Damn. Cam and Jenna really got them up outta there lmao

  4. Bruh Allie is so annoying. Love cam,jenna and tjass. Even though t was trying

  5. why is every game a mismatch..

  6. Can wilder gon end up playing friga for the last game

  7. Never miss and tjass played the weirdest game. They seemed like they didn’t want to be there and play and nevermiss is just annoying and awkward to watch play. She is just trying to be funny out there the whole time and not listening if tjass says stays on D. She is a horrible person to play 2v2 witj

  8. 15:30 dude shoot it when tjass screens then you back up to half court like she about to do something and dribble to the free throw line for a shot. She is seriously a horrible baller with no basketball iq

  9. dam, they suk, what up t j ?

  10. Allie played literally no defense this game, she sold TJass.

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