Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Delicious

“Perhaps one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years of age, we are going to just make cookies together.”

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  1. I’m really gonna miss Niki 😩😩

  2. *Y’all* : i like the asian style backround music at the beggining and end of the video

    *Me…an intellectual* : aVatAR ThE LaST aIRBenDer flashbacks

  3. So basically if they just followed the recipe they had they would get it right the first time…

  4. Does any one know if this could be made with any other fruit, like peaches?

  5. They should open a bakery together. It would sell out

  6. this video is so pure

  7. In Indonesia we call it Nastar cookies. It melting on your mouth exactly i love it too 😢

  8. My name is Gladis and I love a lattice 😂 I’m dead

  9. I’ma simple man, I see Rie, I click.

  10. Erin's delicious Goodies Nji

    It’s looks perfect

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