Can These Pokémon Breed?! (Quiz)

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PM7 and WolfeyVGC compete with their knowledge of Pokemon breeding!
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Edited by Katie Rose!



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    • Legend Gamers gaming

      If you ever made ranking your pokemon team rank mine too
      1) My Ace Garchomp
      2) My Go-to pokemon Dragonite
      3) Togekiss A good pokemon
      4) Magnazone I just like it
      5) Ninetails I like foxes
      6) Talon flame 🔥

    • Kman, Lord of Scorbunnys is sad

      Thumbnail changed from Wailord and Skitty to Cacnea and Magmar

    • @Kman, Lord of Scorbunnys is sad Yep, plus I know that picture of a video game character that u have. That’s King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong series.

    • Ummmmmmm I think that wite and green 1 is upside down

    • Idk I don’t have it

  2. And I got all the guests without google

  3. Brenton Setchfield

    “You are a pillar of style, after all!”
    Michael: *suit, tie and backwards baseball cap*

  4. I don’t want to be in the MandJTV Subscriber Egg Group…

  5. Its cool to see that he’s switching it up and rather than another John and Jack video, he added a different content creator.

  6. Electro Pikachu

    Greninja and Dragonite being able to breed feels so wrong

  7. Cassandra Spoelhof

    Rillaboom and Ferrethorn

    Me: No I’m pretty sure Rillaboom is in the Human-Like Egg Group.

  8. Did…. Did Wolfey just say Crobat was… BIRD BASED??

  9. Can’t wait to explain breeding to my kids.

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