Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

Teenagers and their parents come together to debate their relationships with science and one another.

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  1. teens today are more innocent in a way. We’re innocent because we’ve never had to fight in World Wars or literally stop segregation or anything. But we’re less innocent because we just have access to more information

  2. Mateo “im building robots” yeah u know not big deal we all do that

  3. couldn’t they pick normal kid not freakin prodigy weird kids

  4. Very anticlimactic

  5. her name is fanny im-

  6. What a borrrringggg episode

  7. Love the concept, amazing video to just stop and think about relationships with our beloved parents

  8. asian parent edition??

  9. 39 + 1

  10. They should have brought up mental health and anxiety/depression in teens. I think that would have been an interesting conversation because of all the different aspects with social media and pop culture and the (sometimes) glorification of suicide. I also wanted to see if the parents found it capable of teens to be depressed or anxious and if it was really a concern or just a phase or an outburst to get attention.

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