Can Kool-Aid Become Cotton Candy? (More Experiments!)

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  1. LieutenantNasty45

    Yes but it will be able to form on planets if you give these guys a great job for showing us this recipe I enjoy to be more private with my recipes.

  2. 5:40 ooooh yeeeeaaaahh

  3. This is gonna be the greatest day EVER!?

  4. You should try to make meat candy

  5. SweetnSaucey XD

    I love how white they are that they didn’t try to cotton candyify LUCAS the actual chili powder candy but literal chili powder. Such a shame to cause I wanted to see it too

  6. Do pop sickles

  7. I wonder can you make a gummy bear cotton candy

  8. Michael Robbins

    Wethers originals caramel + jolly ranchers green apple = caramel apple cotton candy!!!!!!! Your welcome

  9. Pause at 3:16 and look at Calli

    You are welcome!?

  10. Can you dehidrate honey?

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